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Lee's Links Page.

This here is my links page, ummmm I know not a lot on here at the mo, hehehe but it will grow :)

 Now this will contain links on all things that I find interesting, not only Wiccan & Pagan links. Yep I'm afriad ya gonna find out just a little bit more about wot makes Mr Douglas tick :)
Anyway enough of tha waffle, on with it man!!!

Tha Links!!

This site is awesome. A must for Wicans, Pagans, any faith really.  If you are new to all of this or an old hand, or if you are not of tha pagan persuaion but want to know wot we are all about, the shear amount of info here is stagering, and all updated regulary.  Good job folx keep it up for all of our sakes :)

Here is a new link to a web 'zine for teenagers, made by a Teenager, its got all sorts of good stuff on it, and of course a few links(Mine included heh)

This here is a new link, to a new friends page, yep yet another Tripod user  enjoy!!

Yeah here is a good page tellin' the facts and 'only the facts Ma'am' about Pagan peoples.  Good show norm I say :)
Check out tha FAQ, pretty good.

Click here to Visit Sikhnet!
Now it may come as a suprise to some ppl, but when I say that Pagans, are amongst the most tolerant of people I really mean it :) Talkin' about tolerance, check this out. Man I luv Sikhs,  very nice tolerant ppl.

Hoo-kay if ya like ya Pagan music check this site out!!!

Here is a cool page for the bigineer, go on check it out, as Del Boy would say "go on, you know it makes sense"

Okay another page which is full of interesting stuff, give it a go!

Yep yet another Pagan home page. This is another good one, check it out :) I just love the background.


Okay well I was sent a mail this morning by a chap called Alan, asking for one of them there link exchange type o things.

I went and had a look, this is what I found.  A fine coven site based in Kent, one of the few covens I have seen with the right ideas, both about divinity and humanity.   Heh of course when I say right, I mean what I personaly consider to be correct.   You may have other ideas, but check it out, it all makes perfect sense to me.

Well not so small now huh, so a few more and I'll have to start organising me links page a tad better. :) Sooo back to tha index page huh!