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The #Wicca Channel HomePage 

Welcome to Lee's #Wicca Channel HomePage.

 The #Wicca channel is located at the Chatnet IRC service. to get there you need an IRC client. If ya already have one, fine :), if not follow this link to grab Mirc (it's tha one I use.)

Wots.....Uhh The Deal?

Ummm IRC wot is it? Well it stands for Internet Relay Chat, and for those of us that can rember the CB radio, it is the internets equivalent.
The idea is, you login to a channel and talk to people from all over the globe. Wot can ya talk about? Any thing, but you can generaly tell if a channel is dedicated to certain topic by its name. i.e #Wicca.

I suppose ya want a list of Chatnet servers to attach to, yes. Well I do have one, but you'll find it when ya grab the Mirc software.
If, however you need sumit else, then of course you can always Email Me!!

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