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Lee's Wiccan Pages Index.

Hello and welcome, people.

This is just a little Index page at the moment but I'm sure it will get bigger.
hehhe. Come on in and find out what Pagans & Wiccans really think and say, and do.

Okay well of course the big news for anybody that comes here more than once (For that you have my eternal thanks) is that
I am no longer Pagan, but have (after a long time thinking about it) decided to become a Sikh.  Yes folx, a Sikh.
Umm ohhh and for those who's first time it is here, I shall keep these pages up, with all the data untouched.  I may when/if I get time make a few new pages dealing with Sikhi, and maybe even a short (yeah right!)  couiple of pages dealing with my spirtula quest thus far :)  But we will see.  For now though, please don't expect any more updates.

Before we go on, have a look at this *shrug* I put it there, just 'cause I like it.


All ideas and beliefs stated in these pages, are my own. Any thing that offends, I apoligise for in advance. Please, if you need to correct or discuss any issues relating to these pages, feel free to email Me!!

On with tha show!!!

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Book Of Shadows Page

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I'm afraid now that I shall have to rule, anybody that mails me asking any of the questions answered in this Freqently Asked Questions page will not get a reply :( Soooo pul-ease read it before mailing me :) Man you wouldn't belive the amount of mail I get asking this stuff!!

It has come to my attention that I have a certain amount of trouble replying to Virgin-net users email. If you have sent me mail and have not received a reply, my applogies. Virgin-net users please send any mail to me at this address.