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Freqently Asked Questions!

This here is a F.A.Q page(obvious realy) I have had to put this up due to the massive amounts of email I'm getting asking the same sort of things. Now I don't mind answering questions, hey thats what I'm here for, and in fact I try to answer all email sent to me( not a little job let me tell ya) but please read these before ya send me any mail. If you want a more broader answer than laid down here, then feel free to mail anyway.

Hoo-kay here goes.

Q: Can U let me have a love spell?

A: No & the reason for this is the Wiccan Rede forbids me from doing anything that may harm another, and belive me, mucking with sombodys mind is harmful. Also the law of three makes me not want to do this anyway :)

Q: How do I become a Witch, Join a circle/coven etc..?

A: I'm afraid that the only answer to this is study, read a hell of a lot, ask Pagans, a lot of questions, read some more, and make your own mind up about what U belive in. I know it may sound a bit ohhh mystical but it realy is true that when U are ready, somebody, or group, or whatever will just appear in your life, and the contacts that U have been dreaming about will be there.

Q: Hi Lee, I live in darkest Peru can U give me any contacts over here?

A: Well the short answer to this one, is no. I actualy know very little Pagans outside of the group in which I move, I have meet some Via the Internet, and actualy met a few face to face as a result. If U want contacts in your area try The Witches Voice and look at their 'Witches of the World' pages.

Q: I have just started a Coven/Circle and I want to know who should be which element? I'm Water is that okay? Can we have more than one element of the same type? and all other questions that the film 'The Craft' has raised! :)

A: well sorry to disapoint U folx, but, good film though it was it really hasn't done me any favours :) heh Don't belive every thing you see on the screen. See the answer to question two.

Q: I'm actualy a practicing Christian/Muslim/(Enter faith here), and I was wondering if I could be Wiccan/Use Magik as well?

A: Well no not really. Forget everything that you know or think you know about Wicca. Instead just realise this one small but very important point: Wicca is a religion, now you are either one or the other. Would you ask a Christian if it was okay to practice Christainity if you where a Jew? Which brings me on to the next question, one that will answer most questions possed to me :)

Q: Hi Lee, I'm feeling a little disapointed in my Christan faith, I would like to be Wiccan but I'm scared that Wicca is going against God?

A: Okay, first off. If you already have faith, then learn about your faith first, and I mean really learn about it. If after that you realise that its not 'your way' then look at others. I can't stress this fact enough, Wicca is a Religion and as such it is subject to the normal rules and conventions of that term. When asking about Wicca, try this: Substitue the word Wicca for Christian. How does one become Christian? for example, and you'll find that you already know the answer.

Okay winge over back to the question in hand :) No Wicca is a faith, a religon. No religion is against God, for by its very definition it can't be. Wicca is about finding God, okay in a differant way than Christianity, but it's still about God at the end of the day, and ones personal search for it.